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Live Your Story


You READ them as a child
And wish you could be in them
Chapters that unfold with ease
And endings with intention

Now you WRITE your own story…
The chapters don’t fit together
Your purpose is unclear
And the storyline is boring.

But what if…

  You LIVED the story already written uniquely for you
By a bestselling Author
Who writes each word with intention
Fills each chapter with purpose

The chapters of our lives…
Relationships, school and jobs, money, leisure
Would all fit together
tell one story…

…an authentic story

And those around you who read your story
Would live the sequel in their own lives
And a novel would be written
On the hearts of a generation

Faith would be discovered
Purpose would be understood
Significance would be grasped
Communities would be transformed
Lives would be changed

All because you lived your story
Written uniquely for you
By the Creator of the Universe
Chapter by chapter
Completely and authentically

~Jamie Radtke