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Why WE exists?

Life is messy — but also fun. It can feel random and cruel, yet still seems filled with design and purpose. Trying to understand the complex truths of life inspires most of us to search for meaningful answers about who we are and why we are here. But many of us vacillate, bouncing from despondency and doubt, to searching for answers, to apathy and aimless living, to thinking we have it all figured out, and then back to doubt. It can be draining.

WE wants you to know that you are not alone; all of us are somewhere on this journey. And while WE don’t have any answers of our own to share, WE do have access to the source of all Truth and will share it with anyone who will listen.

God’s Son, Jesus, is the answer. To the simple. To the complex.

To everything.

This is not your typical Christian website, though, and we sincerely hope it miserably fails every expectation you have of such a website.

We’re not here to preach or dictate; we don’t want to give you a list of rules or tell you how to live.

We want you to have an experience with us here at WE – one that is real, relevant, comforting, challenging, and exciting. We are just like you, searching for answers, for Truth.

We promise to be totally transparent and always open to discussion. We will tell you where we struggle, but also where we think answers are clear as revealed in Scripture. We will share our experiences — the good and the bad. And we hope you will do the same.

You don’t have to settle for an empty religion or aimless life.

WE believe you were created for a thrilling purpose and that you only can fulfill that purpose through a raw faith in Jesus – one that is real, relevant, and transformational — found in a person, not in endless “doing.”

WE exists to create a unique environment where we can explore these truths together, asking tough questions, telling our individual stories and experiences, and challenging each other to think differently.


Join us for the experience, for the journey. Your purpose is waiting …