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What WE Believe

In this post-modern age of moral confusion, traditional values and classical terms have been redefined. The meaning of the word “Believe” has been so diluted that it often fails to convey a proper level of commitment. If the following statement of beliefs is to be given its intended significance, our use of “Believe” must be understood to convey our strongest conviction in its Truth; i.e., our Trust. None of our “Beliefs” is predicated upon a “leap of faith” or a “blind faith”; but rather, each is founded upon an unwavering conviction reached after thorough examination of all the evidences presented by both cynics and proponents of the Christian worldview. In each case, the competing arguments have been evaluated using a standard that would not permit inclusion of any of the following if even a scintilla of uncertainty remained that exceeded the highest standard of “reasonable doubt.” It is within this context that we assert our uncompromising Trust in each of the following statements:

WE BELIEVE there is only one living and true God who is active in the world, immutable and infinite in being, knowledge and perfection.

WE BELIEVE that the diversity of God exists in unity as three persons of one substance, the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE that God wants us to know Him intimately and, to that end, He has revealed Himself generally through His work in the Creation: a work of Intelligence, as evidenced by the intricate design and fine tuning of all that exists. God also reveals Himself specially through the ancient but universal and timeless writings of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. The Bible presents a clear description of God’s Love and Holiness, His Divine Will and His Absolute Truth concerning the purpose and order of the universe and all human life. The Holy Scriptures reveal those aspects of both the natural and the supernatural worlds that Man is capable of understanding and, through progressive revelation, affirms that His Plan of Redemption is the one and only way Man can gain Salvation and Eternal Life.

WE BELIEVE the authority of Scripture does not depend upon the opinion or private interpretation of any man but is dependent solely upon the Words of its author, God Himself, who is Absolute Truth. As a consequence, the Holy Bible is the authentic, reliable and inerrant Word of God.

WE BELIEVE in the divine nature of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, fully God and fully man; the Messiah promised by the Old Testament who, though Himself sinless, freely accepted responsibility for the sins of all mankind, carrying them with Him to the Cross where His death served as a complete propitiation of sin; that is, payment in full for the debt each of us owes to satisfy the Holy Wrath of a Just, Righteous and Longsuffering God, due Him in atonement for our unrighteous acts. Jesus was buried; and to evidence the sufficiency of His payment for our sins, He was raised from the dead on the third day following His death on the Cross. After appearing to many witnesses, Jesus ascended into Heaven but will return one day to judge all mankind and determine each person’s place in Eternity.   

WE BELIEVE that upon the ascension of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, a co-equal Being within the Trinity, proceeded from the Father and from the Son to teach, illuminate the Holy Scripture and convict Man of his sins. The Holy Spirit dwells within and strengthens every person who accepts the substitutionary atonement of Jesus; that is, those who accept Jesus as Savior, receive God’s free gift of salvation through Grace, and experience the everlasting Peace which then permeates the relationship with God and makes peaceful relationships with all other men possible.

WE BELIEVE Man was created by God in His image for the purpose of knowing Him. This knowledge can lead anyone to a life that is Eternal. Man’s first representative on Earth, Adam (a being who possessed free will), rejected God’s Sovereignty. Ever since then, the acts of inherently sinful Men have further separated them from God. Without a true faith in the redeeming act of Jesus on the Cross, our death will result in an Eternal separation from the goodness and righteousness of God.

WE BELIEVE that a lifetime of good works, no matter how self-satisfying or impressive to others, is inadequate to save us from an Eternal existence apart from God’s presence where only darkness and evil exists. While inadequate to save us from our sins, our good works do serve to conform us to the image of God and demonstrate our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. Because God loved us first, we should respond in love to Him; and, as He commanded, in works of love to all mankind, including those whom others might consider difficult to love.