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Why do we care?

An interesting video has been circulating that has over 44 million views. It shows a New York $1 pizza place that allows people to purchase their own pizza and then donate a dollar for a homeless person to get a pizza for free. The “Pay it Forward” initiative allows the donors to leave a post-it note on the wall with an encouraging word and homeless people can grab one of the post-it notes off the wall and redeem it for a $1 slice of pizza.

pizza(Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, March 4, 2015)

It is a powerful piece of video that will encourage your potentially jaded views about humanity. It got me thinking though, if we are just accidental DNA that collided during the evolutionary process, where does this sense of humanity and right/wrong come from? Clearly there is an innate desire in each one of us to help the weak, to fight injustice, and to promote good. But why? It runs counter to everything we are told about survival of the fittest.

It is in moments like these that it becomes difficult to deny the existence of God. We know that the proclivity of humanity is to destroy – just look at the wars, crime, our environment, our families. We know that it is our nature to seek our own interests before all else – just look to politics, entertainment, and materialism.

So where does the sense of justice, love, and morality come from amidst all the evil in our own hearts? There must be a Higher Being, a moral law-giver, who possesses love, mercy, justice, and holiness in their perfect form, otherwise we would not see fragments of this beautiful potential in our world. Unfortunately, the perfection of these amazing attributes escape us daily because of our own imperfections.

Interestingly, we have seen all these attributes of goodness revealed only once in this world and that was through Jesus Christ. The Gospel of John in the Bible contains 21 very short chapters. I encourage you to read it for yourself and see what you discover. After all, there is nothing worse than someone trying to tell you what it says when you could read the original source material yourself.

Jesus defied all human nature and shocked the culture of his time. Jesus always:

  • Served others before himself
  • Encouraged the disheartened
  • Fought injustice
  • Healed the sick
  • Elevated women
  • Cared for the “useless” in society
  • Rebuked the self-righteous
  • Prayed for the unworthy
  • Loved the children
  • Protected the abused
  • Extended patience to the hardheaded
  • Compassionate to the confused
  • Performed miracles for the doubting
  • Obeyed the Ten Commandments in spirit and action
  • Sacrificed his life willingly for the undeserving

No person on earth has come close to replicating the life of Jesus. Many have tried to live a morally perfect, altruistic, selfless life, but all have failed. Your “urge” to do good and help doesn’t come from evolution. It is the spirit that God has placed in each one of us. It is a tiny reflection of who God is in all His Glory. Wouldn’t you want to explore the God who embodies all that is just, loving and good?

Take some moments from your schedule to discover the God who created you to do good for others. It will be well worth your time.