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Where’s God Amidst the Suffering this Christmas?

Violence and terrorism. Racial strife. Depression and suicide. Oppressive governments. Religious persecution. Broken families. Moral failure.

This is our world.

It’s easy to grow sad and hopeless amidst so much pain and suffering. Often people experience pain more deeply during the holiday season than at any other time. Which compels me this Christmas to ask a simple question:

Where’s God?

As the world situation seems to grow more hopeless by the day, though, I’m reminded of the answer—that God came to us in the form of a human baby named Jesus, born in a manger 2,000 years ago. And it is this world—this agonizingly broken and apparently hopeless world—that Jesus chose to leave the perfection of Heaven to save. It is because of our violence and strife, our depression, our pain, our moral failures that he came to live as one of us, among our mess, providing the perfect example of love, ultimately growing into the man who would suffer unspeakable physical and emotional pain, taking upon himself all the world’s brokenness, becoming literally broken himself, dying to give us the hope and joy of salvation from our brokenness—if only we will embrace him this Christmas.

And forever.