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Where Our Identity and Worth is Found

In a world where we are defined by our gender, race, social status, what we own, our appearance, and any number of other temporary thing, it leaves one to wonder: Where is my identity found?

Growing up, I often struggled with my identity. I felt overweight, ugly, unremarkable, and average, just to name a few things. As I grew older, my feelings of low self esteem worsened.

I thought my grades defined me, so I would work harder in school, studying long hours. I thought my appearance defined me, so I bought this awful bright blue eye shadow and caked on make-up. I thought how many friends I had defined me, so I started compromising to be liked and I tried to please people.

Still I was plagued with the question of, “Where is my identity found?”

My sophomore year of high school everything I knew to be true was shaken. An event left my family shaken and me questioning my faith. I had no where else to turn and I needed to answer the question of “Where is my identity found?”

I started reading the Bible intentionally. What I found opened my eyes.

From the very beginning in Genesis 1:27, God creates man in His image. The Latin word used is “Imago dei.”

Imago dei literally means “image of God.”

From there, a whole new world of understanding was opened to me. When we understand that we are made in the image of God, we understand that we were created to bear His attributes. We were made to magnify our Creator.

What is more, we no longer have to wonder where our identity and worth is found.

Our identity and worth is found in Christ.

If we take this thought even further, we can understand that God made us all. This means that we are all on the same playing field. Black, white, male, female, class clown, class president, janitor, and CEO. We are all made by God and for God. No longer do we need to find our identity in temporary things like our appearance, who we know, where we went to school, our social status, or skin color. We can find our identity in Christ.

I believe that everyone has a need to know where their identity is found. Whether we acknowledge God’s existence or not does not define whether our identity is found in Him. He is our Creator and who better to define us than our Creator Himself?

C.S. Lewis once said:

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word “darkness” on the walls of his cell.

The more I have grown in my faith, the more I stand in awe of a God who created us and who defines us.