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Finding Jesus in my search for purpose

For the first time in my life I realized I was looking at absolute Truth. I read this and I got really discouraged, because being a brown man from Pakistan - you don't have Jesus. Jesus is not for Muslims. Jesus is for Americans and for Europeans - not for people with my skin color or for where I'm from. I was really discouraged, but I kept reading...


I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never given the question much thought. I had always taken it for granted that God existed, but I couldn’t tell you why, other than it just seemed right. And my lack of conviction manifested itself in my behavior while I was in college...

Tom Brady – “There has to be more than this!”

Tom Brady - "There has to be more than this!" We all find ourselves facing this question at some point in our lives. It is interesting how this question hunts each one of us down whether we are rich or poor, successful or jobless, young or old. It is almost like some subconscious part of our soul instinctively warns us that we have not yet discovered our purpose - that there is something more.