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RAW Faith is Not Safe for Wussies

FBraw_WE3wrote an article earlier this week about empty religion versus raw faith. Part of what I concluded in the blog was:

A raw faith in Jesus is where we are open to hearing everything Jesus has to say to us in scripture – even if it exposes our flaws (which it will unless you like to deny the obvious) and makes us uncomfortable. A raw faith in Jesus is where we seek to infuse Him into every part of our life (school, work, relationships, citizenship, service, leisure) rather than keeping him contained in our religion box. A raw faith in Jesus is where we throw aside preconceived notions, dogma and obligatory behavior and embrace the person of Jesus and the personal relationship He offers.

It is pretty simple, yet extremely challenging at the same time. Joining the Jesus rebellion means you break free from empty religion (simple), but that you must embrace a raw faith in Jesus that pushes you to be authentic in all aspects of your life (challenging).

WE ran ads on Facebook on this message and the response was amazing. A friend of WE shared with us an article that was posted today by Doug Giles titled, “RAW Christianity: This Column is NSFW (Not Safe for Wussies),” that echoed much of what I wrote. I encourage you to read the article in its entirety. It is edgy and provocative…you will like it! Here are just a few excerpts:

Hey Christian, why don’t you go public with your faith? Why don’t you work what you supposedly believe into your sphere of influence, huh, PC JC man? Come on, Dinky – true faith is resilient. It can handle scrutiny. It has answers for tough questions. It has solutions for societal pollution. It wants to go play outside.

Look, if the believer really wants to change things that he feels are detrimental to both the soul of man and the soul of our nation, and not just blather on about how bad things are then he must embrace four spiritual qualities.

1. Incorporate what you believe into your daily grind. 2. Bump up the quality of your spiritual experience. 3. Get a passion for effective action. 4. Labor for personal, ecclesiastical and national reform.

I am in the process of drafting a video for WE, Inc. and I pretty much captured the same sentiment. Here are some excerpts in my brainstorming session for the first WE video.

WE must be the change, not the world changing us.

WE must be authentic, not empty hypocrites.

WE must offer a faith grounded in  substance, not shallow platitudes.

WE must care enough to fight for truth, not allow truth to be defined by preferences.

WE must be a community that offers refuge, compassion, and understanding – not the slash and burn approach that rejects the very lost we’re trying to reach! WE must walk it and talk it.

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