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Join the Jesus Rebellion

FBraw_WE3I’m just curious, what value or fulfillment do you find in a religion that simply affirms your current lifestyle, choices, relationships, and worldview? Is your life really all that great and wonderful that all you need is a cheerleader? Empty religion will stroke your ego and tell you all the politically correct things you want to hear. Empty religion will allow you to define your own truth and set your own rules. Empty religion will delude you into thinking that life is all about positive mental energy that can induce peace, harmony and blessings. What a load of garbage! You can wish and desire that all you want, but all you have to do is wake up the next morning and live your life for a day to see that is GARBAGE!

If you just want someone to ‘like’ and agree with how great your life is then join Facebook! You can be giddy with all the thumbs up you receive as you share every obtuse and vacuous comment about your daily life. But if you look in the mirror and realize that something is fundamentally flawed in your inmost being (discontent, unrest, dissatisfaction) that you are incapable of fixing – well then join the Jesus Rebellion here at WE.

The WE community here will seek to inspire you to live an authentic, purposeful, integrated life in Christ and help you to lead others to do the same so that lives are transformed and culture is reordered.

The key word is AUTHENTIC. If we are going to be authentic, then we need to put all pretense aside. This is not about empty religion, going to church, or checking off the religious ‘to do’ list requirements. We need to have a raw faith in Jesus.

A raw faith in Jesus is where we are open to hearing everything Jesus has to say to us in scripture – even if it exposes our flaws (which it will unless you like to deny the obvious) and makes us uncomfortable. A raw faith in Jesus is where we seek to infuse Him into every part of our life (school, work, relationships, citizenship, service, leisure) rather than keeping him contained in our religion box. A raw faith in Jesus is where we throw aside preconceived notions, dogma and obligatory behavior and embrace the person of Jesus and the personal relationship He offers.

It is pretty simple, yet extremely challenging at the same time. Joining the Jesus rebellion means you break free from empty religion (simple), but that you must embrace a raw faith in Jesus that pushes you to be authentic in all aspects of your life (challenging).

Do you have the courage to join the Jesus rebellion? Being part of a rebellion is always risky business and the demands are always great on the few who join the rebellion. The risk for you? WE will push you to live beyond yourself, to live exposed, to live authentically, to live raw – and to do it for Jesus in all areas of your life. And then WE will push you to help your peers to do the same thing! Are you a rebel?

Walkit.pngWE strive to Walk It, Talk It.