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Isn’t one of the strongest drives in us for impact, influence and significance upon others in our world? One college textbook I recall was SEARCH FOR SIGNIFICANCE.

I think those in art expression recognize this inner driving force readily. Ones with it don’t begin markings on a canvas or words on a page without the desire for impact to come from the future viewer. One saying among us had been preferring an artwork strongly disliked than ignored altogether. An amazing quote from Sir Joshua Reynolds in the 1700s clarifies: “The beauty of which we are in quest is an idea that subsists only in the mind: the sight has never beheld it, nor has the hand expressed it; it is an idea residing in the breast of the artist, which he is always labouring to impart, and which he dies at last without imparting, but which he is yet so far able to communicate as to raise the thoughts and extend the views of the spectator.”


Life has taught me some hard lessons from being prey to this. I have concluded the true path of impact is having a place and hearing with God. “The effectual-innerworking prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.” It is prayer, and it is in reach of all, not just a few.

I love the account of the “some people” (“some unnamed people” as in footnote of Mark 2) that saw a need, loved the helpless one, and were going to do what it took to get a paralyzed man to Jesus. Their rigors included the four carrying the weight of him on a stretcher to the house, the four getting to the house only to see the crowd blocking all entrances, the four having to figure another aggressive plan and move as a team with the new plan, the four climbing a roof with the stretcher (without him falling), the four tearing off the roof and then lowering the man before Jesus. Force, sweat, wrestling until it he “got there.” No prejudices about the man’s integrity or worth…only his need to meet Mercy. They became servants only. No shortcuts.

What Jesus saw in “their faith” makes the rest history for any personal acknowledgement. They absolutely fade out of the picture without any more mention. It all now became between the scribes, Jesus and the paralytic. The crowd honors the deserving One amazed at the power they saw from Jesus. But how much Jesus did upon this man from “their faith” is something many have tried to fully understand. From “their faith” He would forgive another’s sin. From “their faith” He would do an amazing healing to forever change the status of one life. This was based solely on the faith of four unnamed people.

It is great. It is profound. It forever changes realities for eternity. But, it is hidden and unnamed. Can we take ALL the deep inner drive for significance and realize its secure destination of a place before God is the impact in prayer for another?