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Explore God – Community Outreach Initiative


Community Outreach Initiative



Is your church interested in participating in our Richmond citywide “Explore God” campaign?  Are you a leader interested in leading a discussion group? Over 60 Richmond churches are partnering with us in our 7 week series that will begin September 11th?  Contact us at operations@webelieve.me or 804.491.9898 so we can follow up with you personally and share with you more details about this Fall initiative to invite the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area to Explore God! We’d love to partner with you!


Outreach (WE Believe) – WE Believe will finance and secure multi-month advertising through billboards, radio, internet and social media to promote the Richmond COI at high levels of exposure and invite people all over Richmond to come Explore God through a local church or ministry organization
Evangelism (Church) – Richmond area churches and ministries agree to lead a 7-week Explore God sermon series and/or discussion groups that help Christians and the unchurched explore God on these seven subjects:

Session 1: Does Life Have a Purpose?
Session 2: Is There a God?
Session 3: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
Session 4: Is Christianity Too Narrow?
Session 5: Is Jesus Really God?
Session 6: Is the Bible Reliable?
Session 7: Can I Know God Personally?

Content (Explore God) – Optional curriculum, videos, and church marketing materials will be provided for free to churches and ministries participating. Leadership portal with outreach training is also provided for free.


Unite – Unite the Church in inviting the surrounding community to explore God
Promote – Promote the initiative with cutting-edge marketing and advertising
Train – Train Christians in how to have spiritual conversations and facilitate discussion groups
Encourage – Encourage the unchurched to attend an Explore God sermon series or discussion group in a local church or ministry organization


Want to see what is coming to Richmond? Watch this video to see the results from the Austin Explore God Community Outreach Initiative and then imagine what God is going to accomplish in Richmond!