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Destitution book covers both

Destitution: A New Sci-Fi Novel That Explores Wrestling with Purpose

Below is a guest post from Gavin H. Wells, the author of a new novel the deals with, among other things, finding your purpose in life. I encourage you to read it and think about your own purpose.


Destitution: A New Sci-Fi Novel That Explores Wrestling with Purpose

“As long as The Story exists, so does the power of Forever. It may seem impossible to us, but we don’t write The Story. If we live it, though—if Infinites follow their summonings, the miraculous becomes ordinary.”

~Chrisina Ni-Det-Ano, Destitution

Life is a story. A story full of hope and promise, but also tragedy and despair. It is a story we can either (a) grab hold of, recognizing we are characters with specific roles to play, or (b) ignore and prevent our souls from being filled with the joy that comes from finding our purposes.

I explore this theme in great depth in my new novel, Destitution—Book I of what I call the “Infinite Story” series. The overall premise is this:

In a futuristic society, a scientist who engineered a virus to selectively eradicate every member of a large organization then joins that organization and must fight her former and powerful allies to save herself and all humanity from a new form of technological slavery.

On the surface, the novel is an action-packed sci-fi thrill ride anyone can enjoy for purely entertainment value. If you want to dig a little deeper, though, you’ll find that Destitution addresses many timeless questions, including that of finding one’s purpose.
The novel depicts the tension and conflict between two groups: one that is dwindling but still believes in the notion of purpose, of a greater Story; and one that sees no purpose in life and is driven solely by what they can see and feel in the here and now. The growing conflict between these opposing worldviews is played out to its extreme conclusion, leaving readers to wrestle with the implications of embracing one’s purpose and of rejecting it—and how society is consequently affected.

Bringing this novel to your attention seems appropriate for the mission of WE, an online community where Millennials can gather to help discover (a) there is a purpose to the universe and for everyone person living in it, and (b) what their specific purpose is. Destitution shows people on a similar journey, driven by the same universal and timeless questions we all ponder.

I would love for thoughtful Millennials to read this novel and then contact me through my website www.gavinhwells.com or my Facebook page with feedback, good or bad. I know how much Millennials enjoy reading, so I’m hoping you’ll add Destitution to your list.