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Jamie Radtke

Tom Brady – “There has to be more than this!”

Tom Brady - "There has to be more than this!" We all find ourselves facing this question at some point in our lives. It is interesting how this question hunts each one of us down whether we are rich or poor, successful or jobless, young or old. It is almost like some subconscious part of our soul instinctively warns us that we have not yet discovered our purpose - that there is something more.

I want to be like…

Sometimes the future can look bleak and the pathway forward daunting, especially as we view the rapid descent into self-absorption, wickedness, idolatry, sexual deviancy, murder, greed, jealousy and apathy. Christians either give up or fight the wrong battles.

Repentance, Revival, Unity

God has convicted me that we must change hearts and minds before we culture or laws. And that the first heart and mind we must change is our own. Government is just a downstream reflection of culture. That is even truer in our Constitutional, representative Republic. Therefore, my closing prayer is