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Antmen Loved by God and Set Free

Being loved by the God of the universe can transform an ant into something altogether new. 

Ants are lovedAnts have invaded my house again. Every summer it’s the same thing. At first it’s one or two, and then before you know it, they’re trucking along the baseboard making their way to and from home base. I don’t like them, but in all fairness, I haven’t really tried to get to know them either. We have no relationship, and I like it that way. 

I haven’t seen Antman yet, so maybe Hollywood would give me something to ponder here, but I doubt it. 

This thought got me thinking, though. How is it that God desires to have a relationship with us? Aren’t we like ants? 

This question causes a struggle of faith. It just seems too much to think that God loves us. Why would he? How can he possibly know each of our names? How can he know intimately what each of us needs and longs for? And why would he want to? We are ants to him. 

Picture yourself standing in front of an ant hill teaming with thousands of busy little guys. Now imagine that each one has a name and a life and hopes and dreams, and you know all of that. You know their hopes and dreams, and you care about them. Not only that. You know that they are oblivious to the laws of the universe that will ultimately condemn them. They are helpless and doomed. But you love them, so you go to drastic measures—measures that break your heart, just so they can have an escape route—so they can come be with you in a place where they can be more than mere ants, where you will remake them and give them beyond what their hopes and dreams can imagine. 

Maybe that would make some great movie, but how could it be a picture of reality for us? It’s unbelievable. Yet….if God is the almighty, omniscient, and all-encompassing creator of mankind, then doesn’t it make sense for him to be so awesome that he could know all of us from all of time? 

But that doesn’t address the question of why? Why does he love us? Why does he care? 

The Bible teaches that he is the God who see us. He hears our cries. He cares. He loves. He does not wish for any to be lost. We see those pictures over and over in the Bible. 

In my own life, I’ve experienced it and heard testimonies from others of things happening that can’t be explained away. A phone call at just the right moment, a song played after a prayer, a gentle whisper, a missed opportunity, a sunset, a storm. God making himself known to individuals in their own language, specific to their own lives. 

Why? Why does he reach across space and time and place his very own spirit into our lives? Why? 

God is Love.Love. 

Not because he loves us, but because he is love. It is his very nature to love us, to not leave us alone, to make a way for us that will free us from the bonds of death and give us life beyond all measure. 

It’s never been something we deserved or earned. It’s always been about him. He is love, and we are his antmen—loved, paid for by his son, and promised that there’s more to life than this busy little ant hill.